Wednesday, September 1, 2010

house update

ok so the house is coming along good
the one car garage is almost done waiting for garage door to be put in
the house we are stating to do the outside trim its very exciting to watch it all start to come together
roof is coming soon
chris is working alot at work so its hard to get alot done but little by little we are. I am also very helpfull for all my dad does to help chris wk on the house
here are some updates on the hosue

disney 2010 pt 2

so our second day there and infact for the next 4 days we spent in the parks
day one disney park was eptoc
day two was first breakfest with mickey and all and animal kingdom
day three was magic kingdom
day four was hollywood
we had 5 days but was way to tired to go back to anything on day 5 or 6 that we were there so we shopped and relaxed as we rounded up our trip to disney world we went to see Toy story 3 in 3-D dalton was so scared that he would not watch it with the glasses he was so afraid he cried when i made him try it so he took them off and just watched it all fuzzy

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Disney 2010

We went to Disney in orlando in June for a total of 10 days we had a blast to say at the lest
on our way there we stop at the states visitor center so that we could get a pic here are the ones on the way there

sorry in wrong order

our first stop in florida was the BEACH Dominic was so excited about going there the most and just could not belive we were taking him to the beach
seen this sign at a hotal there and had to get a pic of it

I will have to make another post about disney as this one took a while and kids are up the joys of being a mom
For those of u wanting to know if there was oil there the oil hit Pensacola about 9 days after we were there
here the boys enjoying the florida sun look how tan they are already

then after the beach we were off to Orlando for Disney and all it has to offer
we went to down town disney and ate at the T-rex its kinda like rain forest cafe same ppl but it was all dino

then we went accross the way to lego land or what ever it was called lol
heres a few pic from that

there were area to pose with scence these are a few that we got as group shots as there is way to many to post and pic from lol

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

house update

i dont have any new pic of the house but we are wking on the roof right now chris has all the pix as my SD card broke on me so i just need to go get a new one
but as soon as i get some i will post its really coming together

pic of us

ok heres a few pic taken a few months back
chris and i

heres the boys sooooooooooooooo cute in there outfits

we are doing good here we are wking still on the house so that takes up any "extra" time we have

Thursday, January 14, 2010

and we have.....

after 3 months 1 week and 3 days we now have a foundation wow and it is so pretty lol well i am sure all look and see just a bunch of concrete but i see something so wonderfull

a crew of about 5 or 6 cam yesterday and finished the house and attached 2 car
and in 10 days they will come back frame the single garage and i think that next weekend will poor the concrete for that that is the plan for now but with these guys it never seem to wk right but well see at lest we have a house right :)

here are a few from yesterdays pooring

it was a ptetty night day yesterday other than the winds that come in mid morning
i got wind burn on my face and my ears hurt but i sure thats because of the wind also
we are very excited to start building on it in a few day well we are waiting for it to set for a few days before we can do anything
thats all for now

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


here are snow pic from christmas day we have at lest a foot of snow and snow drifts up to 4 foot or better
enjoy the pic

snow snow snow here are a few from weeks past of snow